Inventory management is very important for every business USADistributions offers a program that allows you to check your inventory and order status at a click of a button, our system is web based and is customized to fit your needs.

Using our system allows you can transmit order processing instructions including such specifics as desired freight carrier, level of service, shipping warehouse and split ship or back order instructions. With our system you can retrieve shipping information, tracking numbers, and inventory levels for easy.

We also provides a whole range of email notification for keeping you up to date with key fulfillment issues such as order statuses, inventory availability, inbound product receipts, and returns processing.


Packaging is an important component of fulfillment and we work closely with you to choose the packaging materials and configuration most appropriate for your specific products and shipping strategy. We help you choose the packaging solution that provides an optimal cost/performance relationship, taking into account the costs to store, prepare, and ship the related configuration.

We offer a full range of corrugate cartons, Tyvek bags, bubble envelopes, and void fill, which are available to you at reduced cost by leveraging USADistributions purchasing volume. Furthermore, when you utilize one of USADistributions standard packaging options you never have to pay for the storage of your packaging materials. If however, you require a custom packaging or printed solution, USADistributions will work with you to develop and procure your desired packaging option.

Gift wrapping solutions are also available to complement your e-commerce offering.


Freight can be a major cost of fulfillment, and we work with you to reduce this expense.

We leverage our shipping relationships to provide you with discounted freight rates with UPS, FedEx, and a wide range of LTL carriers. In addition to outbound shipments, we can work with you to optimize your inbound freight expense.


Importing goods to the USA can be difficult, knowing the right tariff and other related importing information can save you time and money, and with our partners at Lee Hardeman customs brokers we can help importing goods into the county with less of a hassle.


You and your customers have unique needs. We work hard to make sure we are meeting these needs, with customized solutions that take into account your specific requirements. Whether your fulfillment needs include compliance with retailer specific requirements or unique packaging or storage requirements, we work to build the perfect solution for your business.

During our set-up or implementation process we will meet with you to review any aspect of your business that may require a customized solution. Often, given the robust nature of our systems, we are able to accommodate these “custom” requirements within our standard processes. However, for those items requiring special work processes we will both develop and document any custom process to ensure that our work is repeatable, and guarantees you the quality you desire in your fulfillment operation.